Life has and always will have ups and downs. How we deal with what happens to us makes the difference. We tend to look at things as good and bad events that take place but, the truth is in nature, there are only events. They just happen. Indifferent from whoever or whatever they happen to.

We sometimes focus too much on the problem and assume that the universe is punishing us for some reason. This kind of thinking can turn into resentment very quickly. After all, why do we have to suffer while everyone else is having it easy?

When you remove the understanding of good or bad from events, they tend to have much less effect on you. As human beings, we tend to place a good value on events that benefit us; and a bad value on the events that don’t serve us. Depending on our perspective, every event can have a beneficial side.

Good events can bring us joy and comfort, while so-called bad events can strengthen our character and provide us the experience and resilience to face future adversities. It all comes down to what value we place on these events.

As a young teenager, I was quite resentful. As I grew older, I realized that the bad events that took place in my life were not happening because it was me, but just because they are happening. Even if a single event is unique for you, you can have a more productive point of view. Think about it, instead of saying “Why me?!” you can say: “Wow, I am going to have such a story to tell” It all comes down to our perception.

No matter how hard we resent the events that happen to us, it will not change the outcome. Some of us have a much worse hand than others, but we can only work with what we have. It is what it is. Resentment will only make our suffering worse, and we can only suffer as much as we choose to. That is one of the most liberating things I have learned. So instead of feeling sorry for myself, I try to see the opportunities and what I can do with what I have at the current stage. Never forget; opportunities come in many different ways; you just have to see them. You can train your patience, resilience, emotional intelligence, anger, physical capabilities, and much more.

Life is a never-ending struggle of lessons. Searching, learning, improving, failing, succeeding, crawling, walking, sometimes running. We will always have days where we feel strong; and days where we feel weak. I realize we tend to miss a lot because we can’t see the opportunity. Many so-called bad experiences are usually blessings in disguise.

The end path to a negative experience usually leads to a much more positive result (even if we do not accept or see it) if we allow the process to work and not torment ourselves any more than we need to suffer. If we train our minds to perceive each event as an opportunity to grow rather than just an event that is good or bad, we can create a strong mental fortitude. See the opportunity in everything you do.